Got The Fever

Monday, October 15, 2007


Every so often we all need a complete break from what we usually listen to in order to ‘erase the musical board’ so to speak.

We can think of it as a sort of healthy, refreshing cold-water shock to cleanse the musical palate. We can also tag it with a number of clichés - a clean beginning for the moment, something completely different, a jumpstart – all can be applied to how we occasionally feel when we realize ourselves as being bored by the very tunes we know down inside that we will continue to adore throughout our lives, but have somehow become a little bit stale around the crusty edges at the moment.

We need something to hold us over for a respectable amount of time before we yet again plunge back into familiar waters. Being music fanatics, we all have the elixirs close at hand. We can choose from an enormous variety of formats.

For me, one of those choices continues to be 10CC.

There is a fascinating history of 10CC over at Wikipedia, but the condensed version is that Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Crème formed the band around 1972 after all having been in semi-famous bands beforehand. And yes, their name came from the amount of semen the average male produces in one shot – slightly more. It was meant to say that they were better than other bands – a bigger bang.

Godley and Crème went on to produce groundbreaking videos such as ‘Two Tribes’ by Frankine Goes To Hollywood, ‘Rockit’ by Herbie Hancock and their own ‘Cry’ – morphing in its infancy.

I again encourage you to read more about their facinating history over on Wikipedia.

Good Morning Judge
This is a perfect track for musical refreshment. Sharp as a whip snap this track has you bouncing right from the opening guitar and brain throbbing drumming. Try to convince me that this isn’t a natural for unconsciously reaching over to the volume control and turning it up.

Well good morning judge, how are you today?
I’m in trouble, please put me away.
A pretty thing took a shine to me,
I couldn’t stop her so I let it be.

Alcatraz is like a home sweet home
I’m so wanted and I’m never alone.
San Quentin is the place to be
I’m so happy I don’t wanna be free!

Life Is A Minestrone
Slowly fading in and with so many twists and changes throughout the track this is probably my favorite track by 10CC. This certainly fits the bill when I need to have a change of pace and I’m sure it’ll be one of yours. Put this in your car, roll down the windows and keep that silly grin on your face at the stoplight when others are blaring bland bile while they watch in amazement as you sing along with glee. Priceless.

I'm dancing on the White House lawn
Sipping tea by the Taj Mahal at dawn
Hanging round the gardens of Babylon

Minnie Mouse has got it all sewn up
She gets more fan mail than the Pope
She takes the Mickey out of all my phobias
Like signing cheques to ward off double pneumonia

Life is a minestrone,
Served up with parmesan cheese!
Death is a cold lasagne
Suspended in deep freeze

Good Morning Judge [51]
10CC: Life Is A Minnestrone [54]
From: 10CC The Singles [1998]

There are a few other points about 10CC that are worth mentioning – take a moment and check out a few of their classic album covers (which by all rights should be included in next year's Vinyl Record Day), and don’t even get me started on what a classic “I’m Not In Love” is - the album version of course!