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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mood Mellow

Sometimes, one feels in a ‘mellow mood’. Not melancholy, not introspective, but joyfully serene. As I came out of my three hours hike through the forest, I was in a calmer mood than I had been in a while.

The beauty of having such a large musical palette is that for the many, varied moods I naturally have, I can most times, if I make the effort, find an appropriate track or two. Today, I am fortunate to have suitable tracks to fulfill my mellow mood.

Jerry Jeff Walker should not be a reach for anyone who knows music. He’s a fine songwriter that’s been around for years and has in his pocket a few tracks that have been covered. ‘Mr. Bo Jangles’ is most likely his most noted. Though he didn’t write ‘Wind’, when Jerry was in the 60’s psychedelic/country/folk band Circus Maximus, there was one song that used to be played, and appreciated on FM, from the self-titled album that you never hear anymore. This was around the time that ‘White Bird’ by It’s A Beautiful Day was also popular on FM. (I could have easily also chosen 'White Bird' for this post.)

There’s so much beauty in this song that it’s hard to not play it over and over. Soft, with jazz overtones, it has a tendency to fill me with joy and peaceful contentment. Listen and become more enriched.

You say that once you knew for sure.
Now you’re walking in the shore, to wonder.
The more you learn the less you know.
The more you move, the more you go to nowhere.

You ask the bird as she files by,
Just where she’s at?
She says ‘where the wind blows’.

Ask her by that what she means,
She says she doesn’t know.
But as she flew away she seemed to say
The wind is -

Is the wind.
Wind, is my love.
Who knows the wind?
Who knows my love?
Where blows the wind?
The wind is -
My love.

Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
Music Of My Mind was without a doubt a major milestone for Stevie. But, it’s this particular song from that album that is sadly overlooked when playing Mr. Wonder - which, for me, is among the most elite compositions he has ever graced us with. In actuality it can be justly taken as two tracks melded into one, but the conjoining is well placed and pleasing.

Any platitudes would be banal in comparison to the listening experience, so I’m not going to try to climb over that gorge.

Mary wants to be another movie star.
But is that really in her mind?
And all the things she wants to be
She needs to leave behind.

But, very well, I believe I know you very well.
Wish that you knew me too-very well.
And I think I can deal with everything
Going through your head.

Very well, and I think I can face very well.
Wish that you knew me too-very well.
And I think I can cope with everything going
Through your head.

Enjoy the brightness of this, one of the last days of short sleeves with a few tracks that augment the joy of a tranquil tone of mind.

Circus Maximus: Wind
From: Circus Maximus [1967]

Stevie Wonder: Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
From: Music Of My Mind [1972]

Addendum: I'm having a very difficult time trying to find the Genya Raven album I've listed to the right of my postings under 'What I'm (Unsuccessfully) Trying To Locate'. Any ideas?


  • Wandering in from "Any Major dude..."

    The artist's name is Genya Ravan - maybe the spelling is preventing you from finding this. I just lucked out on finding her first album with Ten Wheel Drive, which I've been looking for forever. So thanks!

    By Anonymous geoviki, at 11:54 PM  

  • geoviki,

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a chance to download a few great, choice tunes here at GTF.

    Yea, I realized the spelling, but still can't find her perfect album 'And I Mean It ...' Never give up though!

    By Blogger wzjn, at 6:06 AM  

  • Oh my goodness...I have been looking for this song for years, and I remembered all but the first verse. How I would like to hear it again. Don't know if it is anywhere on youtube or elsewhere, but if you know where I might find a copy, I would truly appreciate it. I am on facebook...Gaye Impey.
    Thanks for your web page with all the lyrics!!! Great.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:01 PM  

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