Got The Fever

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Boz Scaggs

When I look at my last post, I realize what a long time it’s been since my last entry. A lot has happened to me lately, and since I’m normally taciturn about my private life suffice it to say that I’ve been in a “bio-rhythm low”, a “funk” or just plain “blue” with one or two grand exceptions. All the moons of family, relationships, career, and social responsibilities have aligned and caused great ripples in the portion of the gel that is my universe.

A thoughtful and thankful shoutout to the great DJ at The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ for the friendly note of encouragement. Means a lot to me. Thank you.

Right, then. I’m gonna go ahead and dole out, to go along with the aforementioned mood of late, with a heaping helping of blues from you might think an unlikely source.

Loan Me A Dime
Consider the long, slow burn of effort and timing. The deliberately drawn out space before all intentions come together, beginning with a seeping from an emotionally low oppressive beginning, gathering strength to rise in triumph that culminates in glorious climax. Such is the faint, glowing smolder to devastating inferno that is encapsulated in this offering.

Right after leaving The Steve Miller Band, Boz pursued his own path and right away proved his decision was more than faith bound. Attracting none other than Duane Allman for the solemn to jubilant and righteous lead guitar, this continues to be an inspiration excavated expertly and directly from the bloody howling and desperation of the soul. None other can be the reasonable explanation as to how this can so expertly convey the plunging of hope once so high, to so precipitously forlorn, bleak and vanquished of any redemption.

A simple slice, timing in at 13:03, of what utter, total, salty-tear-stained, desolate loss can do.

Somebody loan me a dime
I need to call my old time used to be
Somebody loan me a dime
I need to call my old time that used to be

Little girl's been gone so long

You know it's worrying me
Hey it's worrying worrying me
I know she's a good girl

But at that time I just didn't understand
I know she's a good girl
But at that time I just didn't understand
Oh no I didn't

Some Change
More R&B based, with an agreeable 4/4 gait leaning heavily on the rhythm section as a musical crutch, expertly recruiting the guitar for accentuation. It’s this type of playing that shows so deftly and starkly the difference between most of what we listen to, and the depth of feeling, the wizardry to translate from head to hands, and the outright solitary dedication to an instrument as a separate force of life that so separates these musicians onto a higher plain.

Once more showcasing Boz’s expert manipulation and melding of his medium, this leaves one with a haunting aftertaste hours and days after it’s been heard.

Some change comes down for the better
You feel it move
Then some come around like the weather
You take that in too

But like some change in your pocket

Sometimes it seems to be too little too late
I guess it's time to break out a few pesos
Cause I'm getting to where I like the view
And if you're feeling lucky and you aint just passing through
You might change some too

Boz Scaggs: Loan Me A Dime (51)
From: Boz Scaggs [1969]
Boz Scaggs: Some Change (43)
From: Some Change [1994]