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Friday, August 25, 2006

Susan Tedeschi

She’s the name associated with food stores in my area of Massachusetts, and one welt of a gutsy blues player. Not the dime a dozen another-lady-belts-the-blues singer that come out way too often. This is a savage talent with conviction.

Evidence One:
A bitter, different slice of what the blues are all about – not about the physical absence of someone, someone already gone, but the feeling that someone is incrementally easing their way out of your life. Watch out! Not the love like some one has left you. This is the love that you feel when you begin to feel that the one you love is becoming … well, the one that you USED to love!

Heartache, a piece of you dying with every beat and enough bold regret to cry about. Nothing you can do to stop it, it’s just been building up for much too long and now all the telltale signs are there that you are no longer included on the itinerary.

Oh what you doing baby, don’t you know it ain’t right
I wonder what your doing, that it takes all night
Little by little, oh I’m losing you oh I can see
And bit-by-bit your love is slipping away from me

Solid rhythm section, distinct, powerful, forceful guitar presence and harp with soul.

I get so disgusted when I try to kiss you
Just don’t fell like it used to do
Little by little, oh I’m losing you oh I can see
And bit-by-bit your love is slipping away from me

How damn, the way this woman sings you know she has a huge stake in the outcome! Get a heaping helping of this.

Evidence Two:
This is a true powerhouse treatment of an original rock standard. Rhythm section with so broad a backbone that you know you can comfortably lean on it. Originally done by Ruth Brown (on the Atlantic label) and covered by dozens, Susan contorts it into as original a fine testament about abuse as anyone could. While the original is truth on its own, Susan totally lays down a mean spirited streak that leaves no doubt that she hates the som’bitch.

Oh I said mama I'm so disgusted,
He just can't be trusted Mama he makes me squeeze him ,
Oh tell mama my squeezes just don't please him I've stood all I can stand Gonna pack my bags and leave this man

I read over and over again on the web about how good she is from everyone – but the critics! I never did get them!

The people who have seen her live rant a blue streak about her blistering, growling voice and her commitment on stage. The people crowd the keyboard trying to describe just how good her CD’s are. But, the dudes just out of journalism school who don’t know squat about diddy-wah try to make a name for themselves by playing devil’s advocate.

Screw ‘em. Long after they’re just about to pay off their school loans people will still be singing the praises of Susan Tedeschi.

Oh yea, Angel from Montgomery is on here, and it stands very well on its own also given her gifted machinations (along with the whole album), but come on bitch, open up the wallet and buy the whole package.

Susan Tedeschi
Little By Little and Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
From: Just Won’t Burn


  • God yes, this woman can sing up a storm. Who knew New England was a freakin' blues mecca? Grace Potter is from Vermont, apparently.

    By Blogger jabartlett, at 6:02 PM  

  • I should have been more clear about her name. Here, in Mass., Tedeschi supermarkets are all over the place (I think all over certain parts of New England also). I believe that she is the daughter(?) of the owners of these markets. If not the daughter, I know that she is related.

    By Blogger wzjn, at 10:20 PM  

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