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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spring – and a young man’s mind turns to …

Appropriately, a quickie for today.

I wake up. I spend a few moments in the wee hour scanning online headlines. Check the Sox scores. I then hose off. I drive to work. I work hard. I work a lot of double shifts. I come home totally listless. Exhausted most times from lack of adaquate sleep. I guzzle some OJ out of the container trying not to wake anyone. I head upstairs. Set the alarm. Sleep.

Hit replay.

Know what I’d really like time for? A leisurely dinner with my family. Be able to watch a whole ballgame. Actually make my bed. Lie on the couch with a sandwich and view a rented video. Be able to spend time in the garden getting it just right. Play guitar for even fifteen minutes.

Or, perhaps …

Sixty Minute Man
This is for that trance-like fever that occurs when the blood that has been churning and boiling, begins to raise foam and run over the edges. The spill-over. Slippery, free-falling musky sweat, rhythmic grunts, stutter stop/start motion and hot expelled breath accompanied by dark, funky guitar, sinister growling vocals and a methadone chorus to flutter your heart. Rufus has provided us with an unquenchable animalistic soundtrack to a fierce, harrowing, maniacal, majestic performance that pulses as its own entity when two are inexplicable entwined as one human vine.

If you don’t believe I’m all I say,
Come up and take my hand.
When I let you go you’ll cry ”Oh, yes”
“He’s a sixty-minute man!”

There’ll be 15 minutes of kissing.
Then you’ll hollar “Please don’t stop!”
They’ll be 15 minutes of teasing.
And 15 minutes of squeezing.
And 15 minutes of blowing my top.

A sexual journey into the mind of the person who lusts after you, and a damn good picture painted of what she wants to do in the boudoir – and in the office. Drive is just so perfect of a title – lyrically and musically she does both. Enjoy the ride.

The first time I heard this was on a college station in the early morning back when I still slaved away on a computer in a cube farm. But, it so captured me, that I waited in the parking lot to hear exactly what station it was so I could call telephone directory and ask the number of the station. When I finally had the chance to call and ask the song title and artist, all I could do was recite a few lyrics to the station person who answered. The lyrics stuck in my head all day – I was humming it until I finally had it in my hands. I HAD to have this song. I had never heard of Melissa Ferrick before hearing this. Or, since.

But, I hear she’s big in Japan.

your mouth waters
stretched out on my bed
your fingers are trembling
and your heart is heavy and red
and your head is bent back
and your back is arched
my hand is under there
holding you up

in the kitchen
in the shower
and in the back seat of my car
i’ll hold you up
in your office
preferably during business hours
‘cause you know how I like it when there’s people around
and I know how you like it
yeah I know how you like it
I know how you like it when I tease you for hours

i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you baby ‘till you feel the daylight
i’ll hold you up
and drive you all night
i’ll hold you up
and drive you ‘till you feel the daylight
that’s right

I Want Your Sex:

Another song extolling the bottom line. He shakes it here and there, but the bottom line always comes back. Though I’m not a fan of the guy at all, I have to admit that it still sounds funky and fun to play after all these years.

I remember hearing this for the first time on MTV back when. Anybody remember that video? It actually may have been the video more than the song that prompted me to buy the track. I at least knew the artist and title when I wnt to purchase it, but when I brought home the 45(!) the first minute didn’t sound to me like what I remembered. So, I brought it back right away and told them they must have given me the wrong single. They played it on the store system, and I said “See, not what I asked for”. It wasn’t until they forced me to listen past the introduction and first verse, that I started hearing the now familiar refrain and could feel the hot glow growing around my neck and face and felt quite dumb by my impulsive act of bringing the single back. I was so embarrassed at that point, that I bought some other single that I didn’t even want just to make up for my stupidity. The insipid things we remember.

I swear I wont tease you
Won’t tell you no lies
I don’t need no bible
Just look in my eyes

I’ve waited so long baby
Now that we’re friends
Every man’s got his patience
And here’s where mine ends
I want your sex.

Rufus Thomas: Sixty Minute Man (21)
From: Do The Funky Chicken [1969]
Melissa Ferrick:
Drive (14)
Freedom [2000]
George Micheal:
I Want Your Sex (6)
Faith [1987]

With this post, I have put up my 100th track.
And received my 10,000th visitor!


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