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Friday, March 02, 2007

Grace Jones

While being one of the highest paid models during the 70’s, Grace left the hard partying life style of the runway for the hard partying lifestyle of music/performance art. We are the better for it.

She apparently started out, similar to Bette Midler, performing in gay bars and small nightclubs. Getting more provocative and sexually explicit with each performance, Grace quickly created the necessary buzz to be noticed, and eventually a force to be reckoned with. Her shows were legendary, filled with pupil dilating pulsating music and outrageously eyebrow raising costumes. She proved to be a chameleon of sorts when she traded in her early S&M clothing of her early days for the androgynous look that she became better known for. Grace also constantly drew comparisons to Sophie Baker, (black, loved in Paris, fashionably outrageous) and admitted to using Sophie as inspiration.

Among her many escorts who clamored to be seen with her was Andy Warhol, who was enthralled with her and photographed her exhaustively. Jones is also known for being in a James Bond film ‘A View To A Kill’ and she appeared with Arnold in ‘Conan The Destroyer’.

Beautiful to look at, a stunning live show, an influence to many (who had a box haircut before her?) and an amazing ability to capture us with her original and cover material. What’s not to like?

My Jamaican Guy
Born in Jamaica herself, she hooks us with island inspired beat and streetwise lyrics. She growls, yelps and generally controls the imagery we have of the man she knows best. Very 80’s in its style but still sounding fresh today this is definitely something to put on when you need to feel a bounce in your step.

Take my life for a drive,
Never need to change his tools,
Him drive like a stubborn mule,
Dat way him naw go plop plop,
No way gas gwan bun out pan him,
Dat way him naw go plop plop,
No way gas gwan bun out pan him.

'Cause he's layed back, not thinking back,
Layed back, not worried back,
Layed back, not laying back,
Layed back, never holding back,
My Jamaican guy, My J.A. guy.

Walking In The Rain
This Flash In The Pan cover is magically powerful in its simplicity yet juxtapose that against how powerful and militaristic Grace’s matter-of-fact rendition is. Foreboding and restrained, this is just one example of how Grace could realign someone’s original material into a treasure not noticed before – mining the same tunnel, but an altogether different vein.

Feeling like a woman
Looking like a man
Sounding like a no-no
Make it when I can
Whistling in the darkness
Shining in the light
Coming the conclusion
Right is might is tight
Walking, walking in the rain

Grace Jones: My Jamaican Guy (26)
Grace Jones: Walking In The Rain (37)
From: Island Life [1985]
New Site: Check out G.O'D. It's actually someone named George who sounds like he has a score to even, but good writing nonetheless. Can't wait for chapter two!


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