Got The Fever

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Haven’t got a whole lot of time lately. Between busting hump for work, making the angels happy, life altering decisions and a new dawn that’s been brighter than brilliant … I have no time, or I don’t make time?

In the meantime, let’s drop a few good ones here for pre-holiday frenzy.

Evidence One: Christmas Time (Is Here Again) – The Beatles
Where multiple tunes and goings-on are surrounded by one centralized theme.

Evidence Two: Funky Drummer Boy - Thornetta Davis
Clean, sassy, hypnotizing, reverent and essential.

Evidence Three: Hark, The Herald Angels Sing – Vince Giraldi
From the Charlie Brown Christmas. Angelic and spiritual. Filled with the innocence and respect for the meaning of Christmas.

Evidence Four: Silent Night – Charlie Musslewhite
A tar black night in the south woods, a full moon, gossamer flakes freefalling, a stroke before midnight … and this.

Evidence Five: We Three Kings Of Orient Are – The Beach Boys
This is for us Chuck. Possibly one of the best ever. And given the royal treatment by the boys from the west coast.

Add to the thoughts:
… so bad, it’s driving me mad …


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