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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Roger Daltry

Truth be told, I was never a huge Who fan. Don’t get me wrong though; count me deeply nested among the smiling over-buzzed crowd that listened countless times to “Who’s Next” and that can recall all the lyrics to “Getting’ In Tune” and “Love Ain’t For Keeping” to this day. Splintered chips from their catalog still raise a mighty electrical surge within me such as ‘Eminence Front”, “I’m Free”, “Join Together”, “Shakin’ All Over”, “Who Are You” and “The Real Me”. Despite hanging out with Mike back in the day, a real Who devotee, The Who never adhered thickly to me.

As long as I’m telling the truth, neither did Roger Daltry. However, not unlike being charged over a select number of Who tracks, so it is with me and the Daltry catalog. Mike turned me on to Daltry and constantly hit me with The McVicar soundtrack and a number of other releases, to no lasting result. But, nestled within the folds of the offerings were a few tracks where negative hit positive and the spark exploded within me. Mike gave me a musical gift of a lasting impression.

Say It Ain’t So, Joe
Sultry and subtle, like a room that is leisurely filling with an aromatic scent, this stately track will whisper against you and ensconce you within its majesty. Glorious in its layering of gorgeous background vocals, proud, triumphant and spirited drumming, and Daltry’s soothing, raised to resolute storytelling, it is all lovingly and expertly juxtaposed against an ever swelling, determined and lingering climax. This is wondrously magical, buoyed with pure pleasure and of a particularly elevated class of writing and performing that is much heralded, but frightfully all too scarce.

They told us that our hero
Had played his trump card
He doesn't know how to go on
We're clinging to his charm & determined smile
But the good old days have gone.

The army and the empire may be falling apart,
And the money has gotten scarce.
One mans word held the country together
But the truth is getting fierce.

Say it ain't so Joe!
Please, say it ain't so!

We've pinned our hopes on you Joe,
And they're ruining our show.

Avenging Annie
With original honors to Andy Pratt, Daltry, while not adding breathtaking originality, does nothing less than steamroll his personal stamp onto this track much as much you would grab the sledgehammer from the barker’s hand, and swinging from the hips and shoulders, slam the tab that pushes the ball upward to ring the bell at the carnival. As Andy sang from a flowering hippie stylization, Roger revs it, snarls with it and rides atop it.

Well they call her avenging Annie
The avenger of womanhood
She spends her whole life telling lies
These on a mess and over good

She'll take all these spoilt young hippies
Running around playing games
They're surrounding your bed, she'll blow your head
She'll put you through a change.

What you've done to others
She'll do unto you.

Roger Daltry: Say It Ain’t So, Joe [53]
Roger Daltry: Avenging Annie [40]
One Of The Boys [1975]

Addendum: As you may have well noticed, I've been remiss in keeping up to date. Let's call it that I've been in a "personal quagmire" which dampens the enthusiasm within and keep me off the computer. To all who have been faithful, I express my most heartfelt gratitude. However, with chin up and noting that days move on, I've found that many great things have happened which should be noted.

Foremost among them is the news that whiteray over at Echoes In The Wind has exchanged vows and rings with his longtime muse! Whole music collections have now been formally merged. May you have many prolonged years of bliss, harmony and peace my friend!

Next is the news that Vincent over at Fufu Stew has yet another delectible mix in the honor of this Thanksgiving. Get thee over there and download these hearty three (!) mixes that are sure to please one and all!


  • Hello everybody

    You can hear the real original Avenging Annie by Andy Pratt at and see Andy Pratt music videos on you tube. He was famous in the 70s and his own web site is

    blessings to all

    andy pratt

    By Blogger andy pratt, at 8:53 PM  

  • Thanks for the good wishes! We're doin' well and dancing in the moonlight!

    By Blogger whiteray, at 9:01 PM  

  • Write when you can, and you'll find that sometimes, you must. Keep hangin' in, and we'll keep dropping by.

    By Anonymous jb, at 9:11 PM  

  • Andy Pratt web sites now...

    By Blogger andy pratt, at 10:59 PM  

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