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Monday, March 31, 2008

The King

I have to admit that I haven’t been posting as often as I should (could), but life happens. However, once in a while I get the real passion back again and I just captured an abundance of passion this past weekend.

I have a cyber friend from Germany, Helmut, who every so often turns me on to a few outstanding tracks, or in this case, a whole album!

He’s given me advance tracks to an album by The King! Who wouldn’t want this? From what he’s telling me, an album will be released this summer consisting of unreleased sessions. Apparently around 1971-72 The King (given the material, I think in an effort to reach an even wider audience that was into ‘harder’ rock) recorded versions of then so called ‘FM’ rock staples.

Listening to a few of these I can really picture the sessions that led from his ‘Suspicious Minds’, and ‘Burning Love’ tracks into these.

LA Woman
You’re kidding, right? The Doors classic? I can only believe that he picked this, as I mentioned earlier, in an effort to reach the ever splintering masses who were moving away from AM and were flocking to album oriented rock. Although, this was an AM hit.

Nothing radical about the approach, but when done by The King it’s special anyway. But, you are not going to believe just how cool it sounds and how well he’s pulled it off!

Whole Lotta Love
What? The King doing a Zep song, and this one in particular? No way!


Don’t expect Jimmy Page and company, but really get the feel for him stoking the flames and giving it the King’s treatment! This is an extravagance as only he could do it! It’s more controlled than the original, but he doesn’t dampen the feel one iota. Rather, it has a more studio feel to it, but it’s sharp nonetheless. I think you’ll be very surprised and pleased by this!

The quality of these recordings is amazing and I have to assume that they, the producer(s) went through many processes (maybe overdubs to the originals?) to get them to this level. I know these will be soon popping up all over the net, but I'm glad to offer them here as soon as I got my hands on them!

I’m curious as to what the cover art will look like and also track listing and what session players were used.

Many thanks to Helmut (link held by request) for giving me such a treasure. Certainly gives me more to appreciate about The King and another reason why many consider him still on top!

LA Woman
Whole Lotta Love


  • You've been duped! This is an impersonator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:20 PM  

  • That TRB Hope and Glory you're searching for is available direct from Tom Robinson's website.

    By Blogger Mick, at 4:16 PM  

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