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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mash Ups

Sure, I’m addicted to music collecting. I admit it freely.

I gather, download, buy, trade, accept freebies and distribute to friends music of all styles. Yes, I am a music whore.

I am continuously listening to music during all times of day or night, I have to have a mix CD for traveling anywhere – short trip, long trip, driving around, going to work, visiting someone, coming back from work, special events and a mix, or certain album, for most every reason I can think of.

I’m sure I am not alone. There are lots of music whores like me who simply must listen to SOMETHING at any given moment.

However, there is one downfall to this. While trying to constantly find the just perfect mix of eclectic tracks, we tend to gloss over old staples. Songs which are perfectly good, could be even slight degrees better, in favor of the specialized assortment.

Which is why I was really happy to find a few sites that took sometimes unfairly overlooked tracks and gave them a whole new angle with which to approach them by. It’s the ‘mash-ups’ phenomenon.

You take two (or more) great tracks and with the help of technology, they’re integrated - playing seamlessly simultaneously, and when done correctly and with imagination, perfectly augment each other, making for a fresh and unique listening experience.

Sure, yet one more way for a music whore to continue to enjoy great music that he’s always had. Great for mix CD’s!

The selections I chose for today are from the Wax Audio blog who seem to (for this fairly new convert to the new technique) do a spectacular job of track selection and final product. Allow me to use his quote from the original posting from where these tracks are taken from:

Wax Audio presents...MASHOPOLOS
So... on a somewhat less serious note, this is MASHOPOLOS! It's a pop, hard-rock, metal, disco, movie-soundtrack, hindi-pop, bhangra type album put together using other people's music. Each pairing was achieved by loving cajoling and violent contortion of the source materials and was produced here in Athens, Greece (hence the album title) throughout February and March 2007. I was supposed to be resting and recouperating after 15 months hard overland slog across Asia - but just couldn't resist getting my hands dirty again. Stay tuned for more traditional Wax Audio fare later in the year!

Mashing Up That Hill
I quote now from the individual track listing:

Mashing up that Hill

These two artists have collaborated before - I was disappointed with the result. So here's my version - especially for those who love Kate Bush (sacred territory for me). Special thanks also to Robert Fripp from King Crimson for his unwittingly supplied ambient guitar noodlings.

I had to have listened to this a dozen times before reeling myself back in. Kate and Prince together? A pairing of two brilliant tracks, both sacred on their own, and yet derive such power from each other in this new format. This is a clever and inventive mash that takes nothing at all from the originals, and yet produces a novel and extraordinary pairing.

Whole Lotta Sabbath
Again, from the original posting:

Black Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Sabbath
Ever wondered what might have happened if Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin got together for a studio session 37 odd years ago? Wonder no more...

Packed with raw energy times two, I was blown away to hear this pairing. Raucous and unyielding, I was astounded and smiling at the same time when I first played this from the limited confines of my Dell. Two peerless, unlimited gods who gave birth to a new category of rock are mashed together in another unlikely pairing. But, guess what? It works, complete with images of fireworks! I only wish it could have been about a minute longer.

I invite you to take in a sparkling sprinkling of this twist on favorites. I want to thank the folks over at Wax Audio
for turning me – and now you, on to these tracks. Be sure to browse through their site for a complete listing of all their work and mashups.

Mashing Up That Hill
Whole Lotta Sabbath
From: Wax Audio


  • I love MashUps when they're done well.
    Thanks for turning me on to a couple more good'uns.

    By Blogger Casey, at 8:04 PM  

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