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Friday, September 29, 2006

The Peddlers

I don’t know where this particular fascination I have with this band came from. I mean, you hear a single from an album and most times just think ‘Hey – not bad’. Usually, and by far, most singles that I hear are gone from memory within a minute. Next come the few downloads that I enjoy immediately and put on the drive permanently for future play. Still more rare are those that snap into mind gear effortlessly - those that have substance enough to have you recording them on disk for playing in the car so you can hear them over and over. Then, in the natural progression for all music pushers, it’s recording them on disk for friends and smiling, savoring the moment when they light up after being turned on.

Such was the case for me when for the first time I heard a song by “The Peddlers”. A band from Manchester England in the 60’s that describe themselves as “blues based with a touch of rock and jazz …”, they have long since broken up. The Peddlers were Roy Phillips on piano/organ/vocals, Tab Martin on bass, and Trevor Morais on drums (who went on to play on many other artist’s tracks). There are others who would be able to elucidate much more articulately and explicitly about them than I can, but for now let me turn you on to the tunes.

Evidence One: On A Clear Day
This is the one that I downloaded one day (12/28/05) from the good folks at Ear Fuzz. A colossal B3 organ, a nasty thumping bass line, a precision, hypnotic drum beat – all just toppled me over from the first minute I heard it, right up to and including, this minute as I listen to it while write this.

Listen for, out of nowhere, at 1:54 through this divine abomination, an abrupt twist: a drum break that’ll snap you out of focus and leads to a second half of bliss B3 that does not have an equal. Truly, if not the best, then one of the top 2 or 3 new downloads for me in all of 2005.

Why is this not sampled somewhere?

Evidence Two: It Ain’t No Big Thing
Another whooping-thumper hot on bass, horns, drums and B3 that serves to continually sear The Peddlers into my mind. Another example of unparalleled musicianship, which serves to remind us, just how high the bar can be set. Not that this is filled with such structure and content as to epitomize the pinnacle of musicianship, but it is a sterling example of what quality musicians can do with material that in lesser hands would be pitted, shallow and trite.

Visit The Peddlers website and take a look at how many luminaries of the 60’s and 70’s were followers.

The Peddlers: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
From: How Cool Is Cool

The Peddlers: It Ain’t No Big Thing
From: How Cool Is Cool

PS – Damn Blogger for not having the problem with pictures fixed! On the other hand, we’re paying zero, so … I can’t complain. Comment if you must about the situation.


  • Great song 'On A Clear Day'. Thanks for posting!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:23 PM  

    I'm searchin' and searchin' any links you know of to get "on a clear day..."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 PM  

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