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Friday, October 20, 2006


I have to admit that I thought I was pretty well versed on The King, but when I recently heard these tracks for the first time, I was absolutely blown away! Another knock to the ego showing that just when you feel you have an edge in musical knowledge, you don’t really know squat. On the other hand, when you hear something by an long established artist that you hadn’t heard before, it’s like someone approaching you, arms outstretched saying “Oh, sorry. I almost forgot - there’s one more present for you”. Sweet!

The cat has always been able to sing through a pipeline directly from his soul! He climbed, grasped and settled in on the plateau that very few have ever reached and as a token of the music industry’s respect he is still, to this day, referred to as ‘The King’ by those in all genres of music – be it straight up R&R, Hip-Hop, Trip, Soul, Blues, Rap, Prog, Metal … you name it, kudos are still being thrown at his holy shrine.

Evidence One: I Got A Feeling In My Body
Led by a rumbling, rolling and thumping bass line who knew that Elvis was this get-down funky? Appears that Elvis was reaching way back to his church roots by the shout-back vocals, the shivering tambourine and the whole head-nodding’, smiling, hands up in the air vibe as this one really takes off halfway through. Elvis at his growling best panting half phrases – you can almost see those sweaty, quivering lips of his as he takes it home.

Evidence Two: I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)
Standard 4/4 blues with the requisite and steady tap-tap-tap on the cymbals, methodical walking bass line and smokey-room piano. However, what sets this apart is the main instrument that is wielded so powerfully – namely, the vocals. That is exactly what lifts and gives this plea for love its weight in gold. Witness him digging deep within at 2:00 and beyond. That is the difference between anyone else singing and Elvis singing. It’s humbling to hear these every once in a while just to think on that point.

Evidence Three: A Little Less Conversation
Lastly, I can’t help but drop this rave. Just because I enjoy tough guy James Cann (Godfather, El Dorado, Misery, Honeymoon in Vegas, Elf), I watch “Las Vegas’ once in a while, and this is the song that serves as its theme. It’s my once a week treat on the vast wasteland. But, come on – this is a shocker track!

Written by Mac Davis and Billy Strange for yet another failed E.P. film in 1968, it has enjoyed a robust new life after a remix version by Junkie XL that’s been included in various commercials and in a few movies. What a great remix though – I’ll never be able to shake the images I have etched permanently in my head while is song is playing – sequined bikini bottoms shaking freely, hot dice being thrown, umbrella drinks being served to the beautiful people at the shimmering pool and a night-time ocean of neon. A rare aligning of the solar planets when you hear a theme song on TV that makes you stand up and dance for the thirty seconds. Thankfully, we have the full 3:31!

Elvis: I Got A Feeling In My Body
From: Elvis By The Presleys [2006]

Elvis: I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)
From: Elvis By The Presleys [2006]

Elvis: A Little Less Conversation
From: Elvis By The Presleys [2006]

P.S. A callback to Homercat at Good Rockin' Tonight who mentioned me in his post of Tuesday, October 17th, concerning a comments I made about a song that weirded and creeped me out back in the day. He’s got a great set running on the Halloween theme with songs that are not the usual run of the mill. Make sure to get there.


  • I'm happy to see that someone has te balls to put some Elvis on the net. Nice going!


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